An Evening In Wonderland – a prequel to CATCHING INFINITY

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A story of one young woman’s awakening, one man’s obsession with finding answers, love and our universe, and a glimpse into the physics and mathematics behind Alice in Wonderland.

On the evening of Professor PW Vanderleyden’s inaugural lecture at the Sheldonian Theatre, Alice set out to enchant him. Now a twenty-year-old student at Oxford University, she transformed Oxford into an enchanted playground for one night.

Schooled in Wonderland nonsense, arcane maths and unphysical sciences, Alice opened PW’s eyes – and the reader’s – to the magic of Einstein’s space-time, the quantum world and everyday things.

Read their story and know Einstein’s Relativity, quantum mechanics and our universe through Alice’s beautiful explanations and breathtaking examples.


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A  novel about Alice who emerged from her childhood adventures Through The Looking Glass as a dark and damaged twenty-year-old postgraduate mathematics student at Oxford University who could manipulate world events using the mathematics she learned as a child in Wonderland.

Deprived of a natural childhood Alice had no conscience. In her quest to become a human being she selected the gorgeous (but married) Cape Town University Physics Professor, PW Vanderleyden, to enable her to experience the full range of human emotions.  Flawed and obsessed with The Hunting of the Snark PW forsook everything he believed in for that one moment of being alive, of being gloriously alive.

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When she was fourteen Alice found a book in her large, lonely house in Jericho, Oxford. It was a book with the title In the Quest of Truth and was written by PW Vanderleyden, a mediocre Cape Town University physicist. Alice read the book and began to believe that she and Vanderleyden were destined to travel together through this life and beyond. She patiently grew herself for him. When she turned twenty she manipulated world events to bring him to Oxford and to her.

PW fell under Alice’s spell.  He left his wife, his three sons, his homestead deep in the Eastern Transvaal and his sanity “to build an accelerator so large that it can be seen from the skies” in his quest to push back the boundaries of physics and reality. Unbeknownst to him he was hunting The Snark, the mythical creature of Lewis Carroll’s creation  invokes the trope of the “possessor possessed.”

In despair PW’s wife raged against God.  When her anger abated she turned inwards to access an inner wisdom to reconfigure the Universe to its right order.


Alice is 20-years-old. Sometime during her childhood Alice sustained latent brain damage from a fall.  Over the years the secondary injury metamorphosed Alice into a savant with extraordinary mathematical abilities.  She is able to manipulate world events using quantum mechanics.

PW Vanderleyden is 42, a physicist, a Church Elder of the Dutch Reformed Church in Eastern Transvaal, and a married father of three. Until Alice, the boundaries of PW’s life had been South Africa though he dreamed of multiple universes, parallel reality and higher dimensions. Weak, flawed and intellectually average, PW’s only gift is his talent for storytelling.

Karin Van Achterberg is The Wife. Her whole universe is the veld. Unexposed to life beyond the veld, she struggles to make sense of PW’s ambitions and infidelity. Simplistic and almost childlike, she seeks to bring her husband home with Love.

Critical Thinking

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