Absolute Zero

In our Universe, motion and energy intimately interplay with each other, resulting in life and reality. At the place where Absolute Zero temperature prevails, this vibrancy is replaced by total stillness. All stands still. Time stops moving, and when Time equates to zero, all mathematical equations fall apart. Our reality falls apart when it tries to multiply and divide anything by zero.

“Yes, I want to build an accelerator so huge that it can be seen from the skies,” PW said. “It has always been my childhood ambition. Because at the extremes is where interesting things happen. Because each trip to the edge teaches us new things and opens our eyes to new dimensions.”

“Have you ever thought, my dearest Professor, that all is to be known is right here?” She leaned forward and lightly touched a space just above his heart. “Absolute Zero is here. In there somewhere there is zero dimensional space, the Singularity so beloved of you physicists, it is right here.”


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