When I first approached a publisher about Catching Infinity,  he told me that nobody would pay to buy a PhD thesis. I had to simplify it, and more importantly, I had to craft a story that  readers can be emotionally involved with.

Lust is the strongest emotion, no doubt, because throughout history, countless marriages have been destroyed and lives lost because of this inane drive to procreate. But lust for a person seldom last a lifetime: it could be strong, but is never more than transient in the lifespan of a person. We can’t be excited for 10 years about a toy. That’s not realistic, and that’s what lust is.  It leaves you empty when satiated, devoid of meaning and promise.

Love, on the other hand, is something completely different. It fascinates me because I have seen so many guises of it – as we all have – both the good and the bad. I want to write about Forever-Love because it is something real, normal, mundane and ordinary, but it is also incredibly beautiful in its strength, optimism and dedication.

View from the tower, Portchester Castle
View of St Mary’s Church from the tower, Portchester Castle

Forever-Love in Catching Infinity


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