The Dress

In Chapter 2, PW was quite taken aback by what this student was wearing:

The blerrie girl stood up, and she was wearing a curious lace dress of old gold, with tiny mother-of-pearl buttons that marched down her midline.

The student was of course Alice, and she was wearing a dress which looked startling amongst the bland uniform favoured by students the world over: jeans, jumper, dark colour, formless. Alice wore that incongruous dress,  because she was from that era. As the story unfolds, the reader will slowly realise that there is some time-warp going on…..

That Dress was inspired by my grandmother’s.  I inherited her wonderful wardrobe, lucky me 🙂 My grandmother had always been beautifully dressed, for she grew up in an era where people still get dressed up for dinner everyday. Though I am not fashion-conscious, I love the old glamour of my grandmother’s frocks and gowns. These days, we more than likely to buy meaningless fashion, worn only for a few times, discarded, at huge environmental and human costs (in the form of sweat shop/child labour).


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