The dance of desire

The most powerful aphrodisiac for a woman is when a man desires her almost exclusively. I would go as far as to say that it is the most powerful feeling ever, this desire for one and one only. The force of it moves rationale, conscience, God even.

“My body only dances for you” – the dancer in question is unable to do more than dance for the one who desires her. She wanted to say, “My body dances only for you” but in her real life, it does not. She dances for another.

In the private, she dances for him. Her sexual being becomes alive for him. And she dances her solo dance –  for it is she alone who dances in the corridors of his fantasy, no one else – whilst he watches with hunger in his eyes, his calling of her name is all the music she ever needs to send her soaring on the wings of ecstasy, stars and supernovae exploding all around her.


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