Kissing you

(Excerpt from Chapter 15, Space-Time Love)

I want to kiss your eyelids gently, hold your face between my hands and feel your strong body tremble in my arms. I know that you want me above all, and that your body responds so beautifully to mine, as mine does to yours.

I know you want to prolong it. You told me many times. So I will read Shelley to you,

And the sunlight clasps the earth,

And the moonbeams kiss the sea;–

What are all these kissings worth,

If thou kiss not me?

Do you know, how similar our eyes are to each other’s? That’s the spirituality of us, the spirituality that raises fierce carnal lust into something beautiful. People would say it’s an unhealthy obsession between us, but I disagree. How could it be? Your wanting of me makes me feel like a woman, the most desirable woman in the world. I come alive for you, just for you, PW.

I kiss you, slowly and deeply. I can taste your desire for me in your mouth. Do you know how many years I have waited to do this? To touch you like this, to touch you in wonder and awe of the perfection of your body that I have wanted for so long. I worship your body for the pleasure that it gives me. And now, I am holding you in my arms and you are trembling.

I love sitting like this, face to face with you, with that part of you buried deep inside me, your power barely leashed. I love it that your body has such power and rawness; you are beautiful, do you know that? The most beautiful man I know. I love licking your ear and stroking your neck, taking my time to taste and caress you until you could stand it no more. I love your back. The strong trapezius muscles that defined your body as a man’s. My man for now. No, you are always mine, aren’t you? As I am always your woman, your lover. Because we satisfy each other on all levels in a way that no one ever could. Not because of beauty or special skills, both of which I do not possess, but the fire that burns in me for you. You know that I burn exclusively for you from the very core of my being. I want you so much, so much, so much, sometimes I think, more than I want life itself. For that one moment of holding your trembling body in my arms, I would die a thousand deaths.


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