The most erotic word

What’s the most erotic word in any language?

Your name. When someone says it again and again, in ecstasy of you.

It hits some primal spot deep in you. It awakens the inner being within you. ‘She’, that inner being that is you, rises to his voice calling out your name. You are no longer a nondescript, functional person but this desirable goddess celebrating her bountiful sexuality. Your flesh catches fire; you are alive, dancing and burning. For that someone who calls your name in his ecstasy. Sweet music in your ears, yes it is the most erotic word in any language, when you hear someone calling your name.

I have written six non-fiction books before this. Catching Infinity is my first novel. For months, I approached writing my first novel as I did my six non-fiction work. But my writing came out dry and soulless. It was only when I connected my deep, inner sexual being – that creative energy – to my writing that it began to flow. Yes, I am writing about theoretical physics! But read on, you will see how it is all interconnected, this “we are massless, dimensional beings here for the human experience, not human beings here for the spiritual experience.” And our sexual desire is the strongest physical feeling we can hope to feel, for that ultimate in human experience.

The protagonist in the story is a Professor of Theoretical Physics, from the ages 36 to 43. He is an academic, but he is a very sexual person – strong but also sweetly vulnerable; he was pious yet hungry. The sexual part of him has to feature prominently in the storyline, because I believe that we come alive for our sexuality rather than love. Love keeps us in faith and all the good things, but sexual desire, it is what that makes us human and alive.

Never lose touch with yours. Writing this book made me realise that it is from our sexuality and desires that the font of our creativity is filled.


2 thoughts on “The most erotic word

  1. Looking forward to reading Catching Infinity. I’m liking the protagonist already.

    And I love the way you write, Jacq!

    Indeed the most erotic word is one’s own name called out by the one who desires you so very much!


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