The most difficult paragraph

The most difficult paragraph to write is the following one in Chapter 17.  The protagonist in Catching Infinity, PW Vanderleyden, had won the Nobel Prize for Physics for his work in higher dimensions, which brings future generations of scientists one step closer to solving the mystery of our creation and existence.

But here’s the thing: PW Vanderleyden had also been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature for his raw and beautifully written books about his work and his quest for answers.

How the hell am I going to write like a Nobel Prize nominee????

Here’s my best effort:

Human beings are a species that wants and needs to know who we are.  We need to create our own “why’s”, just as we have been doing since humanity began. Of course our answers keep changing, but that doesn’t matter. The effort of creating the answers gives us meaning, a validation of our place in this Universe. Always remember that we are made of the same material as stars: oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. In fact, we are remnants of the early stars, recycled down the years. Thus, we are but pieces of matter called humans that are parts of the Universe too. We are One and when we allow ourselves to be, we put the being in human being.

Excerpt from Chapter 17: Fibonacci Is Breathing


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