How physics can change your life…

I am in the process of selling Catching Infinity.  I am absolutely passionate about the 75,000 words that I have agonised over, contemplated, slept on, deleted and yes, inspired by, and finally sent off to an agent. Why is this novel so important to me, not the least I spent a good ten years (at least!) writing it?

Quite simply, I am passionate about Catching Infinity because it is a book that changes lives. I didn’t want to write an airport novel or a chicklit or a bonkbuster. I didn’t want to write a highbrow academic textbook either. I wanted to write a book that millions of men and women pick up out of curiosity and through the pages, get to know a bit about the Universe they live in and why things happened as they did in their lives.

In November 2015, my life started unravelling. My very foundations – the principles of kindness, compassion and decency – have been challenged when I fell sick. Up till the age of 46, I have always only known good things by and large. Even the bad things when they happened to me were couched in the basic principles of human goodness. I, the firm believer of the law of karma, simply could not believe why my good deeds had sowed such bitter harvest.

Why oh why oh why! I railed against God as the protagonist Karin Van Achterberg did. Why had this supposedly inviolate law been broken and why did I get the shit I did not deserve?

Watch this clip. You will understand just how small you, your problems, your beliefs, are in the grand scheme of things. Your place in the Universe is like a nanoscopic speck of dust. Wait, your Universe is like a nanoscopic spec of dust. But you are part of something huge. HUGE. And that huge thing is alive and moving on its own momentum irrespective of what you think, feel or do. This big tide is sweeping you along. What creates it? What drives it? What’s its purpose?

I believe it’s love. I believe love is the great universal law that all other physical laws obey, one that brought all into existence in the first place. And it is alive and breathing, growing. Be part of it ❤




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