Space and love is infinite

Every year in early spring, my parents would spend hours putting in the bedding plants – the sweet peas, Busy Lizzies, geraniums, petunias and begonias. Now, it is the end of summer and most of these plants are preparing to die.

“Oh Ma, why do you bother? Why don’t you just plant evergreens?” I used to ask her in exasperation.

“Jac, someday you’ll understand,” she had replied each time with her legendary patience.

I think I do. There is no forever. Even the evergreens die. We live and we die, that is the cycle of life. Only space and love is infinite. I know. My mother’s love will go on, because I have loved my children the way she loved me. Look at the endless night sky and you will see.

FullSizeRender-66 2.jpg


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