Schrödinger’s Cat

From 14 to 54
From Everett’s Many-World beginning
From Winchester to Cote d’Azur to Islington
From the nano particles of your fantasy
To the quantum uncertainty of my inner world
You hold in your hands the Born Rule
To give life and legitimacy to the Cat within me
For one joyous moment

Your ice to my fire
Capture so magnificently
The fleeting state between 1 and 0
The tilting of the globe and the bending of Space-Time
As we sent qubits round and round the material world
Sitting in an Islington pub on a Wednesday night
In Planck time

Quantum decoherence
Melts away the years
Ends my loneliness
For one beautiful moment
The Cat
Is achingly real, looking at you with wonder in her eyes:


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