Monte Carlo Simulation

Your tousled, sea-spray curls between my fingers
H ^ ψ = E ψ
I am sure there’s more to Reality than that,
You said, frowning, challenging,
It all can’t be here.
I took your hand, lay it on my breast
Pushed it into my heart: yes, all eternity is here.
As Monte Carlo receded, disintegrating,
its essence seeping insidiously into us
Is that why that famous multiple probability simulation
Is called Monte Carlo method?
Is it because Everett’s Many Worlds coalesce in Monte Carlo
The pooling of unseen rainbows and unborn raindrops
Creating prisms in your sapphire irises
Your sea-salt lips on mine, tasting of the Med
The eigenfunction ψ comes crashing down
And for that one exquisite moment
My holographic inner universe
Becomes material, tangible,
When the waves of Cote d’Azur
Made love to me; or was that you (amazing)
With that long-ago voice whispering in my ear,
What is Planck time, what is Planck unit
We’re back in Winchester again
Chasing dreams, your nano-particles, my Infinity
Sunlight in your eyes, 14 once more

Scientific visualization of an extremely large simulation of a Rayleigh–Taylor instability problem. This image was generated by the VisIt Visualization System.

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