I have been a mother for as long as I can remember (since I was 17!) and my passion have always been babies and cooking. The other things I have achieved in my life are almost incidental and accidental.

Cooking is a magical process. It is like Alchemy, the medieval form of Chemistry.  In cooking, you throw a few random ingredients together,  give them some fire, and they transmute into something wonderful. This is an example: my Everything Soup. I use stock that I make from leftovers, boil it up with whatever vegetables that happen to be lying around in my kitchen, simmer for a few hours and abracadabra, I get this good, nourishing, nurturing food:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.56.00

I think my older children missed my cooking when they left home.

I value my home life above all, and I believe that to create a happy home, you need a kitchen that is full of warmth and simple, nurturing food bubbling away on the stove.  The heart of all my homes have definitely been the kitchen, and some of my loveliest memories are of my children doing their homework on the kitchen table when they were young whilst I cooked. I am of the firm opinion that we can transfer love and healing energy through food, and I try to always cook mindfully and with love.  I am quite organised in the kitchen (but not anywhere else,  as Thomas laments), so I always have homemade stock in the freezer (ready to be made into soups and casseroles), veggie packs (I would buy seasonal vegetables, especially the root veggies, so that I can make stews easily) and herb cubes (surplus herbs frozen in olive oil in ice cube trays). Thus, even if I am really busy, I don’t have to buy awful food.

My first-ever book was a cookbook, The Kundalini Yoga Cookbook and it was a finalist in the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2009. Ah, there is no substituting passion 🙂  I would love to have a restaurant, but I am not practical enough. I just want to feed people in my kitchen.

You can find my many recipes in my parenting blog:

You can preview my e-book here:


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