Strength in a man

It is said that women feel sex emotionally. Maybe that’s the reason why porn doesn’t inspire women generally, except if it is personal and we become involved in the act. The most desirable porn star for a woman is always the man she desires.

What inspires me? A strong man, because with strength comes an unshakeable confidence, a courage of conviction, fearlessness and vulnerability. He dares. I love it when a man dares. Also, I am a very physical person; thus I find physical, mental and emotional strength very attractive in a man. When a man has all three and at 100% load, it’s nuclear fusion in the chambers of my heart, a reaction which cascades like wildfire and it spreads everywhere.

I think we are all narcissistic in nature, thus we subconsciously are turned on to some aspect of a person that is a reflection of our inner selves (for weak people, they seek who they wish they could be, because they dare not themselves). For me, the best is when there is a collision of strong matching pairs, like the matter/anti-matter reaction which yields tremendous amounts of energy (E=mc2 equation). Yet religion, society and logic say that the best pair is when both complements one another like the yin-and-yang symbol. All very good in theory, but the physicist in me knows that E=mc2 explosion is simply mind-blowing. But there has to be honesty, or it is just weak fantasy. When it is real, it gets real powerful, just like using pure reagents instead of watered-down versions.

I am religious, thus I love it when the carnal and physical becomes emotional and spiritual. This is simply too beautiful for words, the moment when a man’s body is on fire with his lust for you, yet his eyes light up with a spiritual fire and he calls out your name with the depth of his emotions, and you know you inspire all this, that you brought a strong man to this.

The protagonist of the story of course has it, of course 🙂

Do you notice how similar our eyes are?

We are reflections of each other.

There is no one on earth who could match us, strength for strength.

You are a big strong man – yet I rowed you from A to B across the stretch of blue. How many women would? But more importantly, how many women would you allow to? None. Only me. Because I am the female you – your Cambridge to my Oxford.

Jedi, I match you, strength for strength. That’s why we fight.

The ferocity of my passion matches yours, fury for fury.

You rise to meet me each time, stronger, until I finally yield to you.

I yield to you, because you are helpless yet unafraid of my onslaught. A lesser man would not have been able to withstand it – that’s why I show the full expression of myself only to you. The best and worst of me is only for you.

That is your power over me.

Because in you, I have finally met me.


2 thoughts on “Strength in a man

  1. My family every time say that I am killing my time here at web,
    except I know I am getting know-how all the time by reading such pleasant content.


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